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A modern space shooter focused on combat without compromising realism. · By Doomsday Games


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Update 0.9.7 - New HUD, upgraded engine, redesigned asteroids/debris, major fixes, and a fresh trailer
General - Upgraded to Unreal 4.21.1 - Redesigned entire HUD with customizable colors - Replaced all existing asteroids and debris with new meshes and textures (...
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Patch - Increased VR resolution, re-textured Holliman frigate, and new achievements
Visuals - Re-textured Holliman frigate and turrets (as seen in Snare mission) - Re-modeled lateral thrusters on Holliman engine (increased detail) VR - Added re...
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Patch 0.9.6 - New fighter skins, improved VR, and faster load times
Gameplay - Added a new fighter variant (Sabre Quad) - Added a unique Sabre Medic skin (as shown below) - Decreased all level load-times and initial game load-ti...
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Patch - Larger fighters and improved joystick configuration
Gameplay - Increased size of fighters and interceptors by 50% - Decreased objective-capture time to 20s - Reduced difficulty of Menace mission and improved its...
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Patch 0.9.5 - New missions, improved AI, and many gameplay fixes
Gameplay - Added new mission Fury to end of Dominion campaign - Added new mission Guardians to beginning of Outer Belt campaign (replaces mission Maki Transit)...
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Patch 0.9.2 - Major graphics update, new conquest-style maps, and official Linux support
Graphics - Created all new planets and moons - Re-textured and created new materials for all asteroids - Removed fog from all missions (much clearer skybox) - S...
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Patch 0.9.1 - Improved Linux & SteamOS support, laser weapons, and many core changes
Gameplay - OpenGL support for Linux and SteamOS - Turrets can now be healed by medics - Fighter-explosions now move in the direction of the destroyed fighter -...
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Patch 0.9.0 - Major engine upgrade and EMP missiles
Gameplay - Added new EMP missile that temporarily shuts down fighters and turrets - Created new Dominion-freighter variations - Added Dominion-freighter activit...
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I see that the Steam version has a Linux port already - I'm loath to use Steam though, and would much prefer direct supp...
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